Immerse yourself in the stunning tropical paradise of the Bahamas. Located just 50 miles off of Florida’s coast, the best way to explore these beautiful and colourful islands is from the water. Consisting of 700 islands divided into three different island chains, each of these is home to gorgeous white beaches, charming towns and varied flora and fauna. The warm azure waters are renowned for their excellent diving and snorkelling sites, including vibrant coral reefs, deep caves and abundant wildlife. As the Bahamas is also famous for attracting some of the most notorious pirates of centuries past, the region also offers a rich, diverse history and culture. The ideal place to unwind on a sun-drenched beach, a charter through the Bahamas will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Vibrant Nassau & Paradise Island

Day 1 Nassau

The bustling and vibrant capital city of Nassau and the nearby Paradise Island may strike a stark contrast to the tranquillity that awaits you, but are great places to begin your charter. Explore the colourful streets of the capital, home to five-star marinas, gourmet restaurants and bars. Alternatively, indulge in some adult fun at the largest casino in the Caribbean, part of the famous Atlantis Resort. There is a massive waterpark for the children with several slides for them to enjoy within the same resort. Afterwards, head to the port to begin your journey.

Beautiful Exumas & Big Major’s Spot

Day 2 The Exumas

Comprised of 365 cays, the Exumas chain is well-known for its mellow, relaxed lifestyle. Enjoy cruising through the warm shallow, crystal clear waters, which are ideal for swimming, diving, and snorkelling. But for a real treat, head further down the Exumas and anchor off Big Major’s Spot – home of the famous swimming pigs! Enjoy swimming and feeding these domesticated pigs, or try your hand at kitesurfing before a peaceful dinner under the stars onboard Thumper.

Stunning Staniel Cay & Thunderball Grotto

Day 3 Staniel Cay

Wake up and enjoy an al-fresco breakfast before cruising to the next stop – Staniel Cay. One of the main cruising spots in the Exuma Cays, this island is renowned for its secluded beaches, glistening waters and warm, friendly locals. Get ready for an afternoon of adventure, as Staniel Cay is the ideal spot for bone fishing, reef and deep-sea fishing. It is also home to one of the most stunning snorkelling locations in the Bahamas – Thunderball Grotto. The location for the James Bond movie ‘Thunderball’ and the 1983 American movie ‘Never Say Never Again, you will feel like you’ve stepped into the movies themselves.

Compelling Compass Cay

Day 4 Compass Cay

Cruise towards Compass Cay, home to one of the best beaches in the Bahamas. Take in unrivalled views of the isle before berthing in the marina. Take the tender to the beautiful crescent-shaped beach and enjoy a morning sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. For the ultimate pamper treat, take a soak in the natural hot springs, nicknamed ‘Rachel’s Bubble Bath’. For those feeling more adventurous, take a swim with the nurse sharks that inhabit the shallow waters surrounding the cay.

Stunning Shroud Cay

Day 5 Shroud Cay

For your last day on board Thumper, cruise to this uninhabited archipelago of cays and rocks surrounding a shallow mangrove and immerse yourself in its wild beautiful landscapes. Owned by Exuma Park, Shroud Cay offers a one-of-a-kind nursery for a wide range of wildlife, including sea turtles and baby sharks. As many of the waterways and creeks here are only accessible by tender or wave runner during high-tide, make sure to time your visit carefully. Swim and snorkel through the beautiful creeks before going ashore to explore the spectacular beaches surrounding the island. Then head back for a magical dinner under the stars.