Charlie Leggett

Charlie is a highly experienced, dynamic and motivated Chef who first started cooking at the early age of 15. Prior to that, his interest in butchery took him to work weekends at local butchers and after school to learn the art. In love with food his passion and desire to keep learning and evolving in a culinary sense is what drives him to produce the best-tasting dishes from whatever produce & ingredients are available to him. Charlie began his Diploma in Professional Cookery at University College Birmingham in 2012, graduating in 2015. Afterwards joining the brigade of a local prestigious two Rosette hotels & restaurant local to him. This experience focused his passion to more fine dining and a year later he moved on to Adams in Birmingham where he was an integral part of starting up the restaurant and helping them to achieve their first Michelin star within just six months, the fastest known at the time. After a few years honing his skills at Adams, he moved on to be part of the opening of another restaurant called The Wilderness which again made it into the Michelin Guide after only being open a year. These experiences gave Charlie the platform and opportunity to move to Australia where he catered across private lodges on Lord Howe Island which he describes as ‘just Paradise’. From this opportunity, he was then invited to complete two stages, firstly at The Lake House in Daylesford and secondly at Wasabi in Noosa, both renowned 2 Hat restaurants in their own right. In his words, Australia really gave him the opportunity to learn about new ingredients and other cuisines which he now utilises to form his own style of cooking. Upon leaving Australia in 2018, Charlie transferred across to the yachting sector where he has flourished, working for the past 4 years under some of the most experienced Chefs in the industry on some of the largest and most prestigious Mega Yachts and Super Yachts to have ever been launched. It is evident from the moment you meet Charlie just how passionate and in love he still is with cooking and his dishes, time and time again, are evidence of this. Utilising both modern and classical techniques to create the highest quality food, it all begins with sourcing of the freshest and best local ingredients. His unique style and flair always show on the plate and his final presentation is certainly something to get excited about.