Located within one of the most mountainous areas in Europa, Corsica is known for its wild, charming and idyllic natural beauty. Upon first glance, the island itself may feel rather French, but underneath it still retains its distinct Italian nature. Unique in character and culture, its rolling coastlines offer a blend of ancient walled villages, lush forests and rugged, mountainous national parks. Surrounded by clear turquoise waters, small isles and countless sandy beaches, it is the ideal yacht charter destination.

Beautiful Bonifacio

Day 1 Bonifacio

Start your charter yacht journey in the ancient town of Bonifacio. Also known as the ‘city of cliffs’ the town is located on a stunning hilltop above a picture-perfect waterfront harbour set into the carved limestone cliffs. Admire the port’s pastel-coloured houses before heading into the labyrinth of a town, full of local colour and culture. Discover the Old Town’s winding, medieval streets before visiting the ancient citadel that overlooks the water. Enjoy the spectacular view before stopping for lunch at one of the many local restaurants before embarking on your journey.

Pretty Porto Vecchio

Day 2 Porto Vecchio

Following breakfast on board, cruise to the charming town of Porto Vecchio. Perched on top of a hill, the town overlooks the port, similarly to Bonifacio. Head into the town, which is said to be the St Tropez of Corsica, and explore some of its many medieval sites. Stop for lunch in one of its several fine restaurants or return to your charter and cruise to one of its beautiful bays, like Golf de Rondinara or Golf de Santa Giulia for a private beach picnic prepared by your chef. Spend the afternoon exploring the region’s many secluded coves and golden sand beaches.

Romantic Propriano

Day 3 Propriano

Cross the Strait of Bonifacio, located between Sardinia and Corsica and head northwards along the coastline to Propriano. This thriving port is located in a secluded and protected bay and surrounded by green, rolling hills and luscious forests, creating a romantic setting as you cruise past the port. Anchor near the coastline and enjoy a morning of swimming, snorkelling or sunbathing in one of the many scenic bays. Take the tender in the afternoon ashore and visit the quaint port which has many colourful boutiques, cafes and bars to explore. Afterwards, take a short taxi drive to the hillside town of Sartene for an elegant dinner.

Gorgeous Girolata Bay

Day 4 Girolata

After a divine breakfast on board, cruise to Girolata for another relaxing day. Located in the Scandola Nature Reserve, the Girolata Bay is surrounded by tall, red rocky mountains and dense trees. Offering a calm scenic backdrop, take the tender and discover the areas myriad of coves and caves. Head ashore and trek through the pine tree-covered mountains, taking in your beautiful surroundings. Then head to the small village of Girolata, and stop for lunch at one of the local restaurants. Try the locally caught langouste and enjoy the view before heading back to your charter yacht for a peaceful afternoon unwinding onboard.

Fascinating Asinara

Day 5 Asinara

Cruise towards the uninhabited island of Asinara. The island has a fascinating and unexpected history. As the charming island is only populated by native donkeys, the best way to explore its small coves and steep, rocky coastline is by bike or electric car, so be prepared. Once home to a prison, the island was converted into a national park. Anchor off its sandy shores and take the tender ashore to explore the coastal village of Cala d’Oliva. A former penal colony, the village offers a glimpse into its rich history. Enjoy a picnic on one of its beaches before heading back to your charter yacht.