Italian Riviera

Italy’s answer to the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera is known for its old-world charm. Expect to see stunning cliff sides, beautiful floral hillsides and charming villages along the coastline during your charter journey from Genoa through the Cinque Terre. Offering some of the most delectable cuisines of the entire region, a charter through the Italian Riviera will excite your taste buds as you sample local delicacies, from fish and meat to pasta and wine. The breathtaking scenery, with its countless number of historical sites, stunning turquoise bays and rolling hillsides will ensure a charter yacht trip you will never forget.

Peaceful Portofino

Day 1 Portofino

Before you embark on your charter yacht journey, explore the beautiful port town of Portofino. A yachting hotspot due to its stunning view of the Gulf of Genova, wander through the cobbled streets of its iconic harbour and visit some of its many designer stores. Afterwards, board your yacht and take the tender around the bay to see the underwater, sunken statue of the Christ of Abyss in front of the Abbaye San Fruttuoso. Cruise on and stop for a quick swim by Captain’s Cove at the foot of the high cliffs, before continuing past the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula.

Stunning Cinque Terre

Day 2 Cinque Terre

Wake up to the spectacular view of the Cinque Terre (“Five Lands”) coastline. A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautifully preserved areas, these picturesque villages are filled with brightly coloured houses, olive groves and vineyards. Comprising of the small five villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, built onto sheer cliff sides above sparkling water, this 18km stretch of coastline offers plenty of secluded beaches, hidden bays and tumbling hillsides to explore. The best way to visit the villages is either by foot or boat, as cars have been banned from most villages, so take your pick and enjoy exploring the narrow winding streets, delicious local food and breath-taking views.

Picture-perfect Portovenere

Day 3 Portovenere

Wake up and cruise to the peaceful Portovenere. Located on the Gulf of La Spezia, this UNESCO World Heritage site is often said to be the sixth town of Cinque Terre. Quieter and more tranquil than the other villages, take your time to explore its many multi-coloured little houses, the Castle Doria, Byran’s Grotto and the beautiful black and white Church of San Pietro. The Portovenere Regional National Park is home to untouched scenery, dotted with hidden coves, beautiful swimming spots and trails for those in search of an afternoon adventure.

Lovely Livorno

Lovely Livorno Day 4 Livorno

Enjoy breakfast on the deck of your yacht before heading to the seaside town of Livorno. Offering as much culture and history as Pisa and Florence, this town is known for its state-of-the-art harbour, delicious seafood and Renaissance-era fortifications. The ideal spot for any history lovers, the 16th century Fortezza Vecchia’s bastions face the harbour and open onto the canal filled Venezia Nuova quarter. Spend the morning exploring its canals and winding stress before heading to Via Grande for some shopping. Then stop by the central Terrazza Mascagni, a waterside promenade, for a wine tasting session in the afternoon sun.

Enchanting Elba

Day 5 Elba

A paradise for nature lovers, this island offers plenty of outdoor activities, from hiking and mountain biking to kayaking and paddle-boarding. Head ashore and explore ancient ruins and stunning vistas, or wander through the winding coastline. An ideal spot for swimming and snorkelling, explore the sparkling underwater world and see how many species of marine life you recognise. Alternatively, visit the place Napoleon was exiled to and learn about his stay at the museum at Villa de San Martino and Palazzina di Mulini. Get lost in the maze of walls from the Forte Falcone and end your day by having a romantic dinner on one of the island’s many private beaches.